Sunday, 1 March 2015

Current Playlist

Music plays a predominant role in my day to day life, I've always got my earphones in or blasting music round my house. As it's half term I've been travelling a lot and all those train, bus and car journeys have caused me to use my iPod a lot, so I thought I'd share my current playlist.

1. Ariana Grande - One Last Time
 This isn't my usual type of music to go for but this song is just so catchy and I've had it on repeat way too much. Grande really is a damn good singer.

2. Twin Atlantic - Fall into the Party 
My friend got me Twin Atlantic's Great Divide Vinyl for my birthday because she knows how much I adore them, and I've literally had it playing all the time. My family are sick of hearing me play this album now, Fall into the Party has been my favourite from the album since I saw Twin Atlantic late last year, I miss the vibe of that gig so much.

3. Lower Than Atlantis - Emily
I heard this on Radio 1 a while back and it was just one of those songs that I instantly liked and downloaded straight away. It's the only song I know by Lower Than Atlantis so I'm up for any suggestions of their other music in the comments below!

4. Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know
Again, not my usual type of music but there's something about this song that I just love. I've also come across some amazing covers of this song on YouTube.

5. Sia - Elastic Heart
Sia literally has one of the most amazing voices ever, there has been a lot of controversy around Sia recently because of the video to this song and because of her refusal to show her face during interviews and performances. Personally I think Sia's work is great, I love how she doesn't want the spotlight to be on her, she wants people to focus more on her music and hence why she doesn't show her face. I don't think it's rude in the slightest, sure it might be a bit weird to not face an interviewer but that because Sia's not conforming to what we're used to. On a lighter note, can we please just appreciate how talented Maddie Ziegler is in both Elastic Heart and Chandelier, that kid has buckets of talent.

6. Don Broco - You Wanna Know
Listen to this and love it.

7. The XCERTS - Pop Song.
I definitely have a thing for Scottish bands, no shame. The Xcerts were Twin Atlantic's supports act when I saw them in 2014 and I loved them so much! Definitely give them a listen if you haven't already.

8. James Bay - Scars
My friend introduced me to James Bay a few weeks ago and I think I'm a little obsessed with his voice. This is definitely my favourite of his along with Hold Back the River and If You Ever Want  To Be In Love.

9. Mcfly - Love is Easy
Old but gold.

10. 5 Seconds of Summer - End Up Here
Not so guilty pleasure. So excited to be seeing them again this summer!

what's your favourite song/s at the moment?Amy xx

Friday, 20 February 2015

It's time to leave this old black and white town..

Some of the best days are spent on the road travelling to new places to explore or revisiting old loved places. I find where I live is so dull, and I've spent many days wandering round with friends trying to find new cool things where we live but I'm almost 100% certain we've over explored it (if that's even possible). I can't wait to pass my driving test and get my own car so that I am able to just take myself off with friends to find new things. 

Personally, I absolutely love photography, I'm not necessarily any good at it but it's something I want to feature quite a bit on my blog. We took a trip out today so as usual I brought along my camera to see if I could get some decent shots. 

Hole of Horcum

North Yorkshire Moors

Road Ahead

The road just before you dip down the hill into Slates gives the best views of the Sea.
Try to love all the people. Open your heart, forgive.

Whitby Pier.
Where are some of your favourite places to take a day trip to? 
Amy xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I have only ever been to London twice in my life, once when I was about 7 which I barely remember and once back in 2012 with school which consisted of 3 west end shows, singing lessons, dancing lessons, BBC studios tour and shopping time all crammed into 3 days. So it was nice to head down to London yesterday with my family for a more relaxing day out (I say relaxing but the underground was far from that). 

The 2 hour train journey went much faster than expected  and we were in Kings Cross for lunch time.

I'd never been on the London underground before and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. First impression: mental. The escalators are some of the longest, steepest escalators ever and they have a system where you stand to the right so anyone in a rush can run down the left hand side, clever but very odd. Getting on the tube itself is manic, it makes no difference whether you've been there first waiting for the next one or if you're running down those escalators last minute, you've got to fight for your place on that tube and even if you do get on you're squished up to some glass trying your hardest to grab on to a bar so you don't topple over when it sets off. Oh and you also get probably less than a minute to let people off before  pushing your way on, it's crazy. I have no idea how people can put up with the underground everyday.

I love the cool quirky signs that restaurants around London has & these cakes looked so amazing I couldn't resist taking a photo of them.

We headed over to China Town for a bit & sorry for more cake photos but just look how cool they are!

We had a quick coffee break to kill some time before heading to Piccadilly Theatre to see Jersey Boys which was absolutely insane, I'd definitely go see it again!!

We spent a little time in Piccadilly Circus before taking the underground back to Kings Cross where we had a meal while waiting for our train home. It was such a good day out, I love London so much, we're definitely planning to go back in Summer to visit Camden Market and Baker Street.

Amy xox

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lush Haul

Someone needs to refrain me from Lush any time of year but especially in winter when I usually have more baths and therefore splurge out on many more bath goodies. A Lush sale on boxing day could not go amiss so I was soon filling up my basket and grabbing the last of the Christmas selections.

Father Christmas - This one is definitely my favourite, you simply pop it in the water and watch it work it's magic. As the bath bomb starts to dissolve a very christmassy green begins to emerge and this is the colour your bath ends up. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling so soft.

Magic Wand - I've already vowed to buy this one next Christmas because it's just so good! With this one you just put it under your running tap or swirl it round in the water and it creates bubbles. The best thing about this is you can use it again and again, it lasts such a long time and if you're a fan of snow fairy then I'd definitely try this out because it has a very similar scent.

Butterbear - I wasn't too sure when I bought this because the scent wasn't one that i was drawn to but i wanted to give it a try. I'd say it has a bit of a vanilla smell, it doesn't do anything fancy to your bath like most of the other lush bath bombs but I'll definitely be buying this one again. It made my skin feel so soft and amazing, I didn't even need to bother moisturizing when I got out of the bath.

I've been unsure whether I should post this or not as these are some of the Christmas range from lush however I figured they often sell these products year after year so this may be relevant for future reference. I would love to hear your favourite lush products in the comments, and I would be happy to hear any recommendations.

Amy xx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

My 2014

This post may be slightly late but seen as it's only the 4th January I thought..why not! 2014 has been a huge roller-coaster of  a year for me, I'd probably class it as my best but also my worst year. This blog has now been running since the summer and with a poor 2 posts since then, 2015 is definitely the year I want to take this a little more seriously.
After many lows nearer the start of the year and the stress of exams taking up my entire life until June, I then got to have one of the best summers yet, absolutely nothing to worry about and so much time on my hands, it was the most happy I'd felt in far too long. From summer onwards has just been getting better and better.

I'm not one to usually make New Years Resolutions, purely because I never stick to them and therefore don't see the point in them, however this year I definitely want to progress with my blog and post more regularly. What are your new year resolutions?

 This was just a short quick post to wish you all a very happy new year and I hope 2015 is a good one! I thought I'd share a few photos to sum up my 2014.

Amy xoxo